Statement from the Chair

By Jewel Dickson, Chair of the Volusia County DEC January 2017

Hi. My  name is Jewel Dickson, and I am the newly elected chair of the DEC. My full profile will be included in the February newsletter. For now, though, let’s focus on the goals and plans the DEC leadership have set thus far:

  • Seize on and sustain the energy and determination that have been emerging in our county and across the nation since the election.
  • Focus that energy by developing greater trust, mutual understanding, and unity among Volusia County Democrats.

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Exciting plans for the future.

Editorial By Wayne Dickson January 2017

As I remember it, when I was younger I could do everything: in a single day, I could teach two classes, attended two committee meetings, listen to a concert in Elizabeth Hall, and still have time to play a competitive tennis match. (Don’t quibble! Those are my “alternative facts.”)

I’m no longer that person, and I’m facing a much heavier task. That’s why I’m so pleased to introduce Dana Dunmire and Sandy Colón as my new associates. You’ll hear more about them elsewhere but for now let me say only that Dana will be helping me with the newsletter and Sandy will be taking on Digital Communications, including the website and the membership/mailing list.


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Changing the Democratic Party by Electing Its New Chair

By Jim Gangitano, Volusia County State Committeeman January 2017

It Has Been Called the Most Interesting Election Since November.
I ran for election in December to be Volusia County’s new Democratic State Committeeman to bring Florida Democratic Party (FDP) resources to Volusia County and improve the FDP. Since then, my resolve to be a catalyst for FDP change has only strengthened. I am very pleased to be working with my colleague and friend, State Committeewoman Joan Lane, to advance our shared goals.

Change is needed because Democrats could be winning more elections than we are. Florida is a purple state and Volusia is a purple county. Florida Democrats went into the November election with a slight advantage in voter registration, and in Volusia County, we also went into the election with a slight registration advantage. We also have outstanding Democratic leadership and club members in Volusia County, who organized a small army of volunteers.

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