Aaron DelgadoFor Daytona Beach City Commission, Zone 2

aarondelgadoA resident of Daytona Beach since 2004, Aaron Delgado was born in Tallahassee, Florida Feb 1979. The son of a US Foreign Service Officer, Aaron grew up and was educated overseas in West Africa (Mali, Guinea, Senegal), North Africa (Egypt) and Southeast Asia (Thailand). He studied at New College in Sarasota, Florida, earning a degree in Economics and graduated with honors from University of Florida’s Levin Law School in 2004. Aaron is the managing partner at the law firm of Damore, Delgado, Romanik and Rawlins, a fixture on the west end of Seabreeze Boulevard since 2005. As a practicing attorney, he has a reputation as a fierce trial attorney and has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work in the legal field. Through his work as Volusia President of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, he founded a continuing legal education program called “The Front Line Series” and offers free continuing legal education to local young attorneys. Last year, FACDL Volusia raised money for local homeless school children. In addition to working as a member of the defense bar, Aaron has been asked to speak to law enforcement officers and the State Attorneys Office about a variety of legal issues. Aaron is a frequent speaker at local presentations on Legal Ethics and served as vice chairman and chairman on the local Florida Bar grievance committee which oversees lawyer conduct. Read more about Aaron’s legal career here:

Aaron Delgado is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with numerous medals and world rankings. In 2013, he earned notoriety by winning his first (and only) mixed martial art contest at the local Ocean Center. Aaron remains active in coaching and teaching youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing – too many local youth lack positive role models and outlets for their energy. After school sports expose children to discipline, keep them out of trouble and let them meet adults who can help be positive role models. He has since retired from cage fighting for the brutal blood sport of local politics.As an entrepreneur and home owner in District Two, Aaron knows the hurdles his community faces as Daytona Beach struggles to promote growth and maintain quality of life. This is a familiar battle for Aaron which he compares to balancing his work life with his personal life. Happily married with three amazing wild beasts (Sladki the puggle, Legend the bulldog and Loki the Pomeranian) Aaron lives on the beautiful Halifax River within walking distance from his office on Seabreeze Boulevard. He frequently walks the neighborhoods with his best friends and day dreams about the possibilities for the area. But when he learned there was opening on the City Commission, Aaron decided it was time to see how he could help make Daytona all it could be. Aaron is passionate about local business and developing the unique culture of each part of town into a bustling marketplace with energy and ideas. Aaron wants to see a more vibrant Daytona Beach, a town where young families come to live, not just enjoy themselves. Aaron believes in local solutions to local problems and in attracting and keeping Daytona’s best and brightest. Bringing in and keeping talented business owners and their families require good jobs, safe streets and quality services. Aaron believes in our city’s untapped potential. Daytona Beach has to shake off the shackles of inertia and meet and embrace change head-on. The future is waiting.