Anita BradfordFor Deltona City Commission, District 2



What really matters is HOW a city grows big

Not how big a city grows.


I am honored that you came to my website to learn more about my candidacy for Deltona City Commissioner District 2. First and foremost I want you to know that I am running to be your voice and to represent our beautiful district. We live in the largest city in Volusia County and my goal is to help Deltona expand in many different ways.

One of the important duties of a City Commissioner is to identify issues within the city that need to be addressed and as YOUR Commissioner, I will be out in the neighborhoods….I will be Your voice.

A great Commissioner acts as a liaison between the public and the city government to help make changes that will benefit the citizens….I will be Your voice!

Sometimes actions that will benefit one contingency may appear simply as a waste of money or resources to another. The ability to effectively debate and garner support for these issues is an important quality for a commissioner….I will be Your voice.

“I exist…to assist!!” Thank you Pastor Bradley for your encouragement and guidance through my journey.

God bless,

Anita Bradford