Charles (Randy) HartmanFor New Smyrna Beach City Commission Zone 4



  • I served the citizens of Orlando for 28 years as a fire fighter / paramedic, finishing my career as a lieutenant.
  • For the past 12 years I have been serving the citizens of Winter Park working in the field as a Fire Fighter Paramedic


  • Active in various ministries at Coronado Community United Methodist Church.
  • Past president of our HOA for 3 years and now Treasurer.


As president of the Orlando Fire Fighters for 10 years I was able work with city officials to establish safer working conditions. I was active in local elections and actively lobbied state legislators on local bills. I have also helped with the implementation of new community involvement programs such as Citizens Emergency Response Teams. While working at the Winter Park Fire Department, in addition to my normal duties. I have mentored new paramedics and assisted the EMS Supervisors with equipment and supplies.


New Smyrna Beach especially Zone 4 are experiencing tremendous and rapid growth. If we are not to find ourselves often locked in gridlock, we must work with developers, businesses and local citizens to control growth. Most important is that we encourage communication among all groups involved.

I envision a city whose governing body holds at the highest level it’s citizens, for they are what makes our city unique and livable. At the local level we must work to do our part in supporting climate control, in solving the problem of algae in the Indian River Lagoon, in conserving our environment, and in continuing to make all the citizens in our city feel safe and secure.

I will do everything I can as a city commissioner to support, encourage and sustain the charm and beauty of New Smyrna Beach.