Jeffrey HunterFor DeLand City Commission, Seat 2


Dear Fellow Citizen:

 My name is Jeff Hunter, and I want to be your City Commissioner. Why? Simple! Being your City Commissioner is a chance to give back to the community and the people I love, and who have employed me for 35 years now. My family’s presence in the area goes back to the 1800’s (heard of Marsh Road? Named after my maternal grandparents, Broward and Virginia Marsh). I was born at Fish Hospital in 1959, and have been here all my life, except for short periods away for education purposes.

I, like many of you, have had tough times to work through all of my life, but kept my chin up and marched through the difficult times. Being a loving caregiver to family members has at times been difficult, but always rewarding. Since retiring in May 2016, it is time to give that caregiving attitude to you, the taxpayers of DeLand. Business and taxpayers are the lifeblood of any community. So, even though the City Commissioner position is part time, it will be full time for me.I believe a City Commissioner must be out in front, taking a leadership role – being proactive, not reactive. Being proactive means staying in touch with the community – not just once a month, but every day.

Visiting business owners and managers regularly for input, aids in making DeLand as business friendly as possible, and not just for downtown, but all of DeLand. Attending different churches and, since I’ll be retired, volunteering for local charities, and being a member of as many local committees as time will allow, will also be on my agenda. Setting a good example for my fellow citizens is important to me, and will allow me to get to know individuals who are active in the community. All of the above allows a City Commissioner to get the pulse of the DeLand citizenry.

 Knowing and dealing with infrastructure issues by driving the streets, walking the sidewalks, riding the bike paths, and visiting the parks, is essential for DeLand to be attractive, inviting, and moving forward. And, the insights gained during my 35 years as an employee of the city gives me significant advantages when making sure that the hardworking taxpayers get their moneys’ worth. Oh, and I can’t wait to put my 10 years’ experience as an event specialist to work bringing excitement and revenue to the city.

As for my salary, I am committed to donating one half back each month to a local business, charity, or church (details to be announced later).

In summation, when you elect me August 30th to be your City Commissioner, you will get a Commissioner that is dedicated to being:

  1. Proactive, not reactive
  2. Full time, not part time
  3. In attendance at all meetings
  4. Business-friendly, not antagonistic
  5. Always concerned with getting the most bang for the taxpayers’ buck
  6. Always honest and forthright, no pulled punches
  7. Always available – 24/7
  8. Always dedicated to making DeLand the very best it can be

 Like my mom says: “You’ve always been good to me; I know you’ll be good to them.”

 Thank you for your vote,

 Jeff Hunter

PS: I believe in the:

  1. First Amendment: Freedom of: Speech, Religion, Assembly, Press, and Petition.
  2.  Second Amendment

I am a proud member of the NRA.