Judy CraigFor West Volusia Hospital Authority Group A Seat 3


Biographical Data:
I have some College, I attended Daytona State in Daytona Beach Florida. I started my studies at Allegheny Community College, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My Major was Business Administration. I have also been certified to Train the Trainer Food Service – Safety under Craig’s Consulting Inc. (I contracted to teach Food Safety with School Districts and Restaurants) I am a Certified Sanitarian Nationally. I have attended the Wellstone Academy for Political Candidate Training and Outreach. Recently Kevin Winchell from Stetson University conducted training for Political Campaigns and Candidates and I was updated on Political Law Statues here in Florida.

My Occupation was:

  • Senior Training Manager School Way Café Volusia County (20 years) Retired
  • Training Manager Taco Bell Florida
  • Assistant Manager Red Lobster Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Assistant Manager Burger King Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Independent Contractor/ Market Research 16 Years (Pennsylvania and Florida)


  • Business Administration
  • Senior Management Training Volusia County Schools, Daytona State
  • Wellstone Political training for Candidates and Campaign Volunteers
  • Stetson Political Outreach, Candidate Training, Volunteer Training Structure
  • Train The Trainer Food Service-Food Safety Department of Health Florida Management Training
  • Red Lobster, Burger King, Taco Bell- School Way Café Volusia County Schools

League of Women Voters:

  • Member in Pennsylvania – Strong Leadership and training for Roberts Rules of Order
  • Member in Florida serving as Vice-President Volusia County
  • Lobbied for the ERA Amendment and other issues Florida and Washington D.C.

Association of Federal State and County Employees :

  • Union Negotiations, Representation Skills, Laws Pertaining to Unions
  • Officer Training (Elected to serve as Treasurer, and Vice-President)

Experience: The Everything Is Possible Foundation was formed to help the Disabled Become well and Independent.
I am the Founder and Director since 2010 (I had a stroke in 2007)We have a bi-annual Walk and Roll in the Park. The proceeds help those in the community who have needs not provided by Insurance Medicaid or the Health Card (West Volusia Hospital Authority) for instance Ramps and Grab Bars. Webpage: everythingispossiblefoundation.com e-mail: everythingispossible@aol.com

The West Volusia Hospital Authority Citizens Advisory Committee:

  • Elected to serve as Chair Currently and for the past 2 years
  • Served almost 2 years on the Board before becoming Chair
  • I have attended all workshops to better understand the rules and budget of the Authority
  • I have visited funded Agencies to better understand Treatment and care of the Health Card Holder
  • I introduced a Transportation Program for the Health Card Holder and has been expanded by the Hospitals. They see the savings in less ER visits and the patients are getting well faster. They now provide transportation from the Hospital, to the Doctor Visits and to pick up prescriptions.

I am a candidate to become a Commissioner and I have the Heart to do well.

I serve as Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee of:

  • West Volusia Hospital Authority for two years
  • River to Sea TPO CAC two years (Transportation Planning Organization)
  • As a member Volusia County Boards Beach Advisory Board
  • Transportation Disadvantaged and Disabled Board (Votran Gold)

Lobbied as a Member in Tallahassee to for Funding

During my years as Senior Manager with School Way Café, Volusia County Schools, I developed a program called The Nutrition Advisory Council. This was a Students Council in grade school. The Council was recognized and awarded a national award, a state award for the concept and activities and for 3 years as Council of the Year. Two children from each grade were representatives. The Co-Chairs were taught Public Speaking and did a great job in representing this new concept of training in food preparation and nutrition Labels. The School District was so pleased with the program they gave incentive to all 66 other schools to follow the program. I taught the outline and structure to many Managers across the state. We were recognized by DOLE for leadership in a single school for this program as well.

I was an officer in the School Food Service Association of Voluisa County, Florida and National.

I served and train many members over the 20 years of membership.
During my years in Food Service I trained for Certification as a Train the Trainer Program in Food Safety. I worked under Chief Costa Margoles, who is now the culinary Dean at Daytona State.

  1. I believe there is a need for hospital authorities because they serve the local communities. The hospitals and local agencies provide service to many indigent patients who cannot get the Affordable Care Act, or Medicaid. Over 2000 patients have been served with the Health Funds Card. The tax levied is rather low and usually is between $150 to $200 a year.
  2. Funding to County Hospitals and Agencies is crucial. This past year Lipp Funds were cut completely by the State. Medicaid expansion has been on hold for six years.
  3. Identifying the Homeless Patients, suppressing State Representatives from dropping the Hospital Authority across the state in counties where there is not an Authority many patients cannot afford their much needed Health Care and are repeatedly going back to their ER.