Richard BryanFor Daytona Beach Shores City Council Seat 2

Richard Bryan

Richard graduated from MIT (GPA 4.6/5.0) in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He received a National Science Foundation Fellowship for graduate work at MIT and he completed most of the graduate course work in the PhD program. He decided to try to make some significant contributions to the field of Education rather than accepting one of several more lucrative offers in private industry.

The early part of his career involved computer related work in Higher Education. Some of his more significant achievements included developing a state wide state-of-the-art computer network for all of the colleges and universities in WV, developing a new computer language, and doing some of the computer work on one of the first fully automated “people movers” (which are now in common usage) in the US. He wrote and presented papers at state and national meetings and symposia.

After his work in Higher Education, he joined a high tech company in Atlanta, GA where he had a successful career in Engineering, Marketing and Sales, and Management. He was involved mostly in large scale special projects which included two projects with budgets in excess of 15 million dollars (in today’s dollars). One of his more significant technical achievements involved improving and ensuring the accuracy of the radar on the F-16 fighter. He invented and implemented a laser system that improved accuracy, drastically reduced the risk of not meeting specifications, and saved the company over 1 million dollars which contributed directly to the bottom line. He was also awarded a US Patent for a different invention. He wrote and presented papers at national and international meetings and symposia.

His marketing and sales achievements included the successful selling of technically complex and expensive systems to various customers. His management achievements included bringing in large projects on budget and on schedule while meeting demanding technical requirements. He managed and edited (and wrote portions of) complex proposals that would typically involve a few hundred pages. This involved sales, management, and writing skills. He had many “outside of work” activities which included sports, extensive health related research, being President of the Atlanta MIT Alumni Club and being President of his Home Owner’s Association.

He started his own successful company in the late 1990’s. He moved to Florida over 10 years ago.

He is also involved in significant efforts in Education and Public Health which involve a large amount of pro bono work.

Richard has one son, Kyle, who graduated from GA Tech about 4 years ago and is now working at the GA Tech Research Institute and is working part-time toward an MSEE degree at GA Tech. Kyle also plans to get an MBA degree in the dual degree program at GA Tech.

Richard and Candace have been married over 5 years. She recently retired from teaching Math and Science in grades 6-12. She has 2 daughters. Emily graduated from the University of FL and Rutgers University Law School and is an attorney in White Plains, NY. Abby also graduated from the University of FL and is in Marketing and Sales in Chicago IL