Adam MorleyFor State House District 24


Born and raised in southern St Johns and Flagler Counties I am as much a part of the community as you are. As a small business owner and your neighbor, I am uniquely qualified to lead our district and communicate your voice in Tallahassee.

As a citizen and a father, I am morally obligated to help protect our communities for future generations. I want to make sure meaningful opportunities are plentiful and diverse in our state without compromising the foundation we were built on.

  • Campaign Reform: We can return to a Government that is of, for and by the people by implementing simple changes to current campaign laws, such as; residency requirements for candidates, semi-open primaries, ending the write-in loophole, and of course campaign finance reform.
  • Environment: Florida’s waters are in peril. Florida needs a strong environmental leader that is willing to advocate for acquiring environmentally sensitive lands, restoring natural habitats, as well as fighting against fracking and other industrial polluters. #SaveFLWater
  • State Energy Policy: We could all benefit from breaking up the current energy monopoly and allowing free market principles to drive down our energy costs. By leveling the playing field for solar and renewable energy providers, we can do just that. #FLSolarChoice
  • ERA (Equal Rights Amendment): Florida is one of three remaining states that needs to ratify the ERA before it can become law and, quite frankly, it is way overdue.
  • Legalizing Marijuana: Too many state resources and lives are wasted and ruined on enforcing outdated marijuana prohibition laws. While the current legislature is dragging it’s feet on medical marijuana, I propose that it is time we follow the lead of other states that have implemented successful legalization and taxation laws which has lead to the successful financial growth in funding state programs, such as mental health, education, senior services, and more.
  • Taxes: Tax breaks and other incentives should be used sparingly on local businesses and start ups to keep them here, locally, to show them they have our support. These tax breaks and incentives should not be used liberally on corporations as a lure to get them to abandon the communities and families they are supporting currently. As this only speeds up the concentration of wealth to the 1%.

If you have questions about my platform, or would like to discuss your ideas about our local government, please don’t hesitate to reach out.