Vote NO on Amendment 1Anti Solar Amendment


Amendment 1 on Florida’s November ballot is a deceptive, anti-solar amendment, backed by the monopoly utilities, which seeks to stifle solar power and keep Floridians captive power consumers.

“Let pro-solar energy consumers beware” warned Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente about Amendment 1 back in March. She said the amendment is “masquerading” as a pro-solar energy initiative and labeled it a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Amendment 1 is bankrolled by Florida’s big power companies. While the title, “Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice” sounds like a great thing for solar in Florida, let’s be clear: Amendment 1 will not promote solar, it will block the sun.

This campaign is going up against an $18.8 million war chest. We depend on your donations and support to help us get the word out through signs, stickers and buttons!

Click here for a fact sheet explaining why solar supporters must VOTE NO ON 1.