William (Bill) McCulloughRepresentative in Congress, District 6


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Who is Bill? 

Bill’s Florida roots run deep. His family moved to the District 6 area during the 1860s and his grandfather was a true Florida cattleman. He is a graduate of Fort Pierce Central High, Indian River Community College and Stetson University. After college, Bill managed a retail building supply store and kept profits in the top 10% during a recession. Taking the skills he honed managing a corporate retail business, he sought training as a financial and investment executive so he could help others make their financial dreams become a reality. In 1991, he founded an independent investment firm so he could tailor his work to his client’s needs. Aside from providing investment advice, Bill has started several small businesses, served as a Chief Administrative Officer for a not-for-profit foundation, and still serves as an arbitrator helping businesses and investors find solutions to disagreements without costly litigation. Bill has lived in the area since 1985 where he and his wife Renee raised their three sons. His commitment to public service has led him to use his talents in wide range of areas: serving as a church lay- leader, supporting prison ministry programs, serving on multiple boards of directors, volunteering in community youth sports programs and high school support clubs. In his spare time Bill enjoys sports, auto restoration, wood working and spending time with his family.

Why is Bill running for office? 

Bill McCullough is motivated to bring Americans together. He wants to go “retro” and return to the concept of a politician being a public servant who works to meets the needs of the people he represents. In spite of deadlock he can assist individuals with their personal governmental issues. He is running for office because he believes the country’s leadership must work more collaboratively and create a functional government. He has a long-standing history of success in bringing people together whether in business, local churches or community organizations. Bill views public service as his responsibility to use a unique skill set and experience to improve the lives and economy of our community and country.

What will Bill do when elected? 

Bill will use his business and volunteer experience to find fiscally responsible solutions instead of using the cutting-for-the-sake-of-cutting approach and promoting a something-for-nothing attitude apparent in our current government. Bill believes that government and taxes are necessary to be a world-leading country, but taxes and spending should be carefully balanced to best serve the needs of citizens and business without adversely affecting the economy. The recent Supreme Court decision on “Citizens’ United” and the FEC’s decisions that avoided addressing the influence of foreign money on American elections are of primary concern. He is calling for a constitutional amendment for “Citizens Only” to fund elections. He believes only American citizens should be allowed to contribute to and influence American elections.