Statement from the Chair


By Jewel Dickson, Chair of the Volusia County DEC January 2017

Hi. My  name is Jewel Dickson, and I am the newly elected chair of the DEC. My full profile will be included in the February newsletter. For now, though, let’s focus on the goals and plans the DEC leadership have set thus far:

  • Seize on and sustain the energy and determination that have been emerging in our county and across the nation since the election.
  • Focus that energy by developing greater trust, mutual understanding, and unity among Volusia County Democrats.

There is an aphorism about a man’s jumping on his horse and riding off in all directions. I’m hoping we can jump on our horses and all ride off in the same direction. To make that easier, we have already begun several initiatives:

  • This is the first of a new composite newsletter we will publish each month. The overall publication will provide material of common interest. Within, there will be discrete sections where each club and caucus that wishes can publicize its own concerns and activities, not just to its own members, but to the entire County.
  • To complement the newsletter, we will build on Jean Jenner’s solid foundation to expand and enhance the DEC website. Again, individual clubs and caucuses can have their own subsection.
  • We are already seeking out and forming liaisons with other progressive groups within our County. A good example is the organizers of the Women’s March in New Smyrna Beach.
  • To promote all these endeavors we are already combining various individual mailing and membership lists into a composite list, updated, pruned, and enhanced. The program we are using, MailChimp, will allow us to create any number of sublists – for example, individual club and caucus lists.

(Taking advantage of the newsletter and website opportunities is, of course, optional.)

We are determined to identify the best candidates and work hard to win local and state elections. At the same time we will be working to see that Democrats win a majority in either or both houses of Congress. That way we will be in a position to block Donald Trump’s dismantling the federal government and fragmenting our society.