Contributions for Democratic Party support


Dear Fellow Democrats,

I’m writing a letter of appeal to each of you, in hopes that in you will want to give something extra to the Volusia County Democratic Party. The occasion for this special request is an opportunity to establish an active permanent headquarters for the Democratic Party, a multipurpose space of which we can all make use and in which we can all feel pride.

The advantages of the proposed location for our Democratic headquarters are manifest. It is located…

  • in our county seat (along with Volusia’s county offices, its school board offices, and its central courts of law).
  • roughly in the geographic center of our county.
  • roughly in the center of our county’s population distribution (remembering that with a population of 90,000 citizens, Deltona is Volusia’s largest municipality).
  • in just the sort of place where our permanent presence will have the highest profile and opportunities for press attention.

The opportunities of the proposed Democratic center are many. It is…

  • easy to find.
  • in a safe location.
  • a modern, well maintained facility (the primary tenant being Express Printing).
  • served by ample parking space.
  • suitable for providing shared space for several different campaign headquarters–as it did in 2018.
  • large enough at 2500+ square feet comfortably to hold as many as 100 forspecialmeetings and events.
  • convenient for meetings of our various groups, caucuses, and committees.
  • available for fund raisers (without having to pay additional rent).
  • ideal for informal events like movie nights and bag lunches.

In discussions about this proposal, the question of our “robbing Peter to pay Paul” has come up – that is, reducing other, regular contributions in order to cover this additional obligation. This is a legitimate concern. However, in your reflections, I would urge that you keep the following in mind:

  • this is not what’s called a “zero sum game.” [That is, for one consideration to “win” does not mean that another must “lose”. (That’s a standard political lie. You know: like the one saying that to keep the border secure, you have to cut support for public education or health care).]
  • Part of the cost will be offset by savings. (For example, organizations wishing to reserve our space will be asked to pay a small charge to cover maintenance and electricity.)
  • Every appeal will make clear that this is an additional commitment and not a substitution for regular contributions.

It’s been suggested that the proposal is unnecessary because for the past five years we have already maintained a headquarters space in Daytona Beach. That we have a space is true, a space that has been kept open through the generosity of Neil Henricksen. Neil’s help has been truly significant, and we all appreciate it. However, his building is currently up for sale.

We will have to make other arrangements anyway; but, fortunately, at the same time we have been offered an opportunity to move our headquarters to a more centrally located and much enhanced space, the one used for the 2018 elections by the Northwest Democratic Club in DeLand.  It’s to enable us to take advantage of this fortuitous opportunity that I am making this appeal.

To make this possible, we need you to commit to the endeavor as soon as possible. We are asking for you to pledge a monthly amount to the Democratic Party.

Rent for our new headquarters space is $ 1100 a month. Wait! That sounds like a lot, and for most of us individually it would be prohibitive. However, we’re not suggesting that any one or two individuals cover the total cost. Rather, we’re asking that a number of individual Democrats join hands and act together. Considered from that perspective the picture looks quite different. For example, imagine

20 Democrats willing to give $ 50.00 a month.

22 Democrats willing to give $ 45.00 a month.

25 Democrats willing to give $ 40.00 a month.

29 Democrats willing to give $ 35.00 a month.

34 Democrats willing to give $ 30.00 a month.

40 Democrats willing to give $ 25.00 a month.

50 Democrats willing to give $ 20.00 a month.

67 Democrats willing to give $ 15.00 a month.

100 Democrats willing to give $ 10.00 a month.

200 Democrats willing to give $  5.00 a month.

Think about it!  For a small contribution, we can have a year-round presence. We can have a permanent phone number and an address where at least one person will be available every day; a building the public can see and touch every day; a place where we can advertise our values and causes and candidates every single day. We can make it happen by pledging to contribute each month whatever we can afford. We can honor the pledge through our ACT Blue account or by check or cash.

You may make your contribution by sending us a check monthly or by going to our website.
Mailing address for checks:
Volusia County Democratic Party
P. O. Box 11613
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32120
Credit Card:
Go to the Democratic Party website:
Select contribute button in upper right hand corner.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email me.



Jewel S. Dickson, Chair

Volusia County Democratic Party


Phone:  386-717-4344